Not just for Autism

A Cubbie is not just for autism and diagnosed sensory needs

Cubbie is deliberately different and challenges conventional solutions. Cubbie is driven to improve things for everyone who needs support with their sensory regulation.

Our people are highly competent and specialised. They are self-starters who can create and work towards common goals and are motivated to use technology to truly make a difference to the lives of those with sensory sensitivity. Our goals are focused to achieve them to a legendary standard rather than having many goals and an average standard.

We regularly speak with our schools and hear many amazing uses.

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    Stressed Students

    A student arrived at school very stressed by events at home and her day was in danger of being a write-off. The teacher guided her to use the Cubbie, which quickly calmed her, and the rest of her day was good.
  • Alternate Cubbie usage

    Busy Teachers

    One head reported that when it's quiet, he often notices teachers having a bit of time out in the Cubbie themselves.
  • Alternate Cubbie usage


    Some students get stressed or anxious before exams, Cubbie helps them settle down and focus on the tasks.
  • Alternate Cubbie usage


    In the wake of Covid, some students are very anxious about attending school again. This is a genuine and current problem that particularly affects those with special educational needs. It is called Educational Support for Medical Absence or ESMA for short. We have heard of schools trialling the use of Cubbie Sprints to help alleviate this problem.

Testimonial videos

Learn how Cubbie has improved people’s lives and celebrate with us by watching the videos below.

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