The problem

Today, helping autistic people is:

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An analogue process in a digital age +

Most schools are still using analogue, labour-intensive processes with inconsistent results. These are primarily based on intensive 1-2-1 interventions and sometimes a sensory room.

Time consuming +

Regularly taking the student out of the classroom for an indeterminate amount of time consumes valuable and scarce teaching resources and gets in the way of the students' precious time in the classroom.

Unpredictable +

The outcomes from a sensory room or 1-2-1 intervention are hard to consistently measure and rely very heavily on the expertise of the teaching staff. If a particular staff member is unavailable, quickly transferring detailed knowledge from one staff member to another to ensure high-quality outcomes is not often feasible.

Generic +

A sensory room is very hard to quickly and reliably personalise for each user's unique needs. Therefore, it is more often than not a one size fits all solution.